We’re home to marketers, designers, champions of art and the likes. We believe in doing things that are a class apart, or as our founder Shravan says – a design apart!

If you are an independent thinker, who’s brain is configured creatively and happen to live in Mumbai, India drop us a line and we’d love to meet you, and may be even invite you to join our team!

We’re keen to hire extraordinary people, who will make a difference to our customers. And in turn, we are even happier to provide you with the right opportunities to grow with us, personally as well as professionally. We have a team that is eager to take chances, we ride storms, but all in the pursuit of the excellence, that our jewellery so proudly speaks of.

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I ordered the Regan choker necklace and the Aliya and Aabira Chandbalis.I loved the intricate and exquisite handiwork and looked resplendent when I wore these pieces to two wedding parties.The ethereal polki studded gold jewelry looked regal and I was showered with compliments from all quarters.The prices at which they came were ridiculously affordable.Looking forward to buying rings and bracelets next!  



I’ve just bought my first Tyaani Ring! True to the Satyani heritage Tyaani reflects a newer, more contemporary art of of the Satyani style! So exciting to be a part of Tyaani’s first collection!


Inspiring and yet suited my budget! Tyaani has truly brought affordability to authentic Chandbaalis! So many choices in whichever category we looked for. A must visit for anyone looking for authentic Chaandbalis in different sizes!


Bought a beautiful Polki ring – can’t believe how pretty it is! Was torn between a pendant and this, but so happy I bought the ring !


Classy yet contemporary, an enchanting range of affordable Polki! A recco from a friend to see the range turned up being my engagement set! Thank you so much Team Tyaani ! Can’t wait to come back for more 🙂