Shravan Satyani

Shravan Satyani’s roots (and heart) have always been in jewellery. He has been in this business for almost two decades. Hailing from a family of jewellers, Shravan’s passion for jewellery was kindled at a very young age, to hone his skills, and arm himself with a better understanding of the industry, he graduated from the prestigious GIA Gemological Institute of Santa Monica in California. His forte lies in his design sensibilities, evident in his ability to transform his vision into stunning pieces of diamond jewellery, with a pulse firmly on the ever changing, ever evolving Indian woman.

With Tyaani Jewellery online, Shravan now extends this expertise into a niche market, with a vision to expand and streamline the unorganized sector of Polki. Satyani Jewelry has adorned the entire galaxy of Bollywood stars, but Shravan has been focused,  his motivations are simple: to democratise Polki and make it both aspirational, and accessible to the Indian woman.

Kim Saldanha

With a solid grounding in communication, across the best advertising agencies in the country, customer communication soon became Kim’s first love. And that love turned into an obsession. With an MBA from S P Jain, thrown in for good measure, and the lure of the start up dream, Kim soon joined ‘the digital revolution’ as part of the team of India’s first Ad serving network. Thereafter, she moved on to launch for the times group, India’s first portal for women. Her pursuit, in being at the cutting edge of communication and technology, led Kim to set up the digital marketing team for a pioneering company in the analytics driven marketing space and she continued to head the digital agency for a couple of years. With her solid experience in branding and marketing, especially in the digital domain, Kim’s expertise will drive the brand at both and on ground and online level, thus being able to effectively target, communicate with and engage the online jewellery customer.

Diana Bhathena

Backed with 10 years of experience in social & digital media marketing and branding, Diana oversees the daily functioning of the brand. Her experience across multiple leading agencies as well as consumer products, has equipped her with the much needed grounding and drive to manage the business and operations processes for With her need to build brand and create experiences over time, she oversees the business objectives and aligns those with well rounded operational requirements. Her love for social will play a key role in shaping the brands identity online as well as her interest in market insights is likely to help shape future plans for

She spearheads various initiatives at Tyaani, and along with an able team she aspires to create significant waves in the online jewellery space in the coming seasons.