Tyaani is an affordable line of Jadau Jewellery from the house of Satyani Fine Jewels.

Each piece of Tyaani Polki Jewellery is one of a kind. Since each piece of Polki is cut to match the original rough, no two pieces are identical. The uncut diamond is then meticulously handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Rajasthan, making each piece of jewellery truly a work of art.

Unlike other jewellery e-commerce platforms, Tyaani.com controls the entire process of making every single piece of Polki Jewellery right from the designing, manufacturing and distribution. Thus guaranteeing you Tyaani Originals, which are contemporary, yet classic.

Tyaani.com is the first and only Polki brand in India that has certified its Polki Jewellery. An international accreditation agency E.G.L (European Gemological Laboratory) certifies each piece of jewellery before it is sent to you.

At Tyaani.com, all uncut diamonds are set in gold of 22 karat purity. This ensures the durability of all jewellery pieces purchased from Tyaani.

Tyaani.com uses a proprietary rolling technique which ensures that the weight of gold is kept to a minimum making the jewellery light and easy to wear, even for daily wear.

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