Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Wedding Function Jewellery: A Bride's Checklist

A vital aspect to complete your bridal look is adding wedding jewellery to it that honours your traditions and adds a dynamic cultural richness to it. We have you covered with a checklist walking you through the dos and don'ts of wearing polki jewellery for your bridal function.

When you wear your polki jewellery set in gold, you must select bridal sets which compliment your outfit and bring out natural features. Make sure your polki bridal jewellery sets are in sync with your wedding theme, colour scheme, and overall aesthetic.

Considering Your Outfit Before Selecting Jewellery

A heavily embellished outfit with intricate details, calls for simpler and understated jewellery pieces. You can wear bold and eye-catching jewellery designs if your bridal ensemble is sleek and minimal. Look for balance for a cohesive look.

Choosing Comfort Over Chaos

Indian wedding functions involve sangeet, haldi, mehendi and receptions, each involving rituals and traditional practices. As a bride, focus on prioritizing your comfort, and consider your long hours of wearing jewellery. Especially on your wedding day, which may feel like time just stretching. Choose well-fitted polki bridal jewellery sets that allow you to move freely and enjoy the celebrations.

Choosing Timeless Pieces

Jewellery pieces passed on to you from the generations carry tales of heritage, preserving your traditions. If you have heirloom-worthy pieces passed on to you, consider customizing their designs with your wedding attire. Choose timeless bridal polki jewellery pieces that go with your outfits because these pieces will be cherished forever. 

Don't Over Bling

The answer to getting your jewellery right lies in striking the right balance between your jewellery and the attire. Avoid excessive embellishments that detract from your natural beauty. When you opt to wear statement pieces, wear them strategically. So, it can complement your look in harmony with your other accessories and attire.

 Don't Clash with Your Other Accessories

If you have other accessories including hair ornaments, clutch, veils, or footwear make sure it doesn't clash with your jewellery. For example, if you are wearing elegant, formal jewellery, opting for casual or brightly colored footwear might create a discordant look.

Don't just follow trends

Another mistake that brides often make is opting for jewellery trends like fancy choker necklaces, wearing layered jewellery or tasseled pieces that either overwhelm you or make you feel uncomfortable. If you choose to opt for trending jewellery pieces, ensure that it coordinates well with your overall wedding attire.

Brides sometimes make the mistake of focusing on trends and tend to buy jewellery pieces that are in vogue like wearing layered jewellery, tasselled pieces or fancy chokers. In the long run, this may prove costly when aesthetic sensibilities invariably change. It's best to always double-check that your jewellery fits well with your overall ensemble.

When it comes to your overall look, aim for balance, comfort, and pick timeless bridal polki sets. Buy your outfit first and follow up with a polki jewellery set that compliments your bridal look. If you are not sure about what to select, remember you can never go wrong with the classics. Don't go overboard with styles that you are not certain about, avoid clashing your jewellery pieces with other accessories. Remember selecting jewellery goes beyond mere aesthetics and trends.

Create a checklist that you can follow to keep a track of everything along with your jewellery. Lastly, conduct a trial run of your entire bridal look, including jewellery and accessories, to see how everything comes together to ensure your special day goes smoothly creating a memorable and beautiful bridal look.