How to style polki jewellery for different occasions

Confused on how to style your polki? Polki jewellery is the perfect fit for any occasion. How do you style it with your outfit for different occasions? Understand what's the occasion. Jewellers of India have a long-established history of using traditional methods of cutting these unpolished diamonds in their natural state, with precision and master craftsmanship. Polki jewellery is crafted in gold with intricate designs and heritage-inspired motifs that hold high significance, dating back to the Mughal era in Indian history.

Casual Outings

Going out for brunch? Or an outing on a weekend with your friends? Try pairing your casuals with lightweight polki earrings, delicate pendants, and stackable bangles! They go perfectly with your flowy skirts, maxi dresses, and even jeans t-shirts for relaxed settings.

Formal Events and Parties

Planning to make an entrance to your next wedding, reception, or gala dinner? Incorporate these polki jewellery styling tips for your formal events and parties.

Wear your Kundan embedded with uncut diamonds and precious gemstones for your special occasions. Add ornate maang tikas for traditional charm, making you feel regal and refined.

Silk sarees or Kanjivarams look best with temple jewellery.

Indo-western attires demand to be worn with polki with delicate filigree work.

Brides for decades have opted for layering their wedding jewellery necklaces in the Indian culture to give their outfits depth and texture by layering.

Workplace and Office Wear

Styling your corporate attire with a pendant for your V-neck western wear. With subtle polki studs that frame your face paired with dainty bracelets, and understated rings adds a touch of luxury, sophistication, and class to your look.

Tips for styling your polki for office wear:

Consider minimalism and functionality

Maintain cleanliness

Pick polki jewellery that is comfy and hassle-free to wear, and avoid anything that is distracting.

Festive Celebrations

Polki plays an important role in mapping cultural significance. Styling polki jewellery for traditional attires or polki jewellery for festive occasions is common in Rajasthan. Each piece is embellished with colorful beads and stones.

Embracing the spirit of celebration adds a touch of elegance and heritage to your ethnic wear, perfect for celebrating Diwali, Eid, and other festive occasions.

Consider wearing polki that is comfortable and light considering the weight of traditional attires.

Balance the colour palette of your attire with a burst of colours from the enamel work on polki.

Accessorize your traditional attire with headpieces like a polki maang tikka or a passa suiting your hairstyle.

Destination Weddings and Beach Parties

For destination weddings, beach parties, and tropical getaways, choose lightweight and vibrant polki jewellery. Choose floral-inspired designs and colorful gemstones to add glamour to your beachside occasions.

Layering and Mixing with Other Jewellery

Gen-Z style is all about layering and styling contemporary jewellery and outfits with polki pieces. This mix gives classic jewellery a modern twist. Another popular trend is mixing different metals. You can pair a minimalist chain gold with a rose gold polki choker and add statement earrings to balance the look. For a personalized touch, consider stackable rings or bangles to give you a chic look.

Customization and Personalization:

Explore different styles and experiment with layering, create designer polki jewellery pieces by mixing metals and colorful gemstones, and add your charms for personalization.

The key to styling your polki jewellery is balance and understanding your occasions. Find out more about polki jewellery on our website and explore our diverse collection, from designer pieces that fit your style to fusion jewellery that blends with your modern outfits for a chic look, by visiting our website at Tyaani.