Is polki jewellery worth buying?

What makes Polki Jewellery worth buying? Transcending all the borders, there's a growing popularity for Polki jewellery in the fashion industry. Polki is revered as a timeless classic and heirloom-worthy investment.

Let's understand what makes Polki jewelry a worthwhile investment for you?

Simply put, a polki is a diamond in its natural form, where each diamond is unquestionably unique. These diamonds have a non-faceted structure, which are cut following their natural shapes and forms. The art of creating Polki jewellery is rooted in tradition, set in gold, crafted by the best jewellers, it carries narratives of the rich heritage of Indian culture. Polki has a captivating beauty and carries a raw charm of its own.

What sets it apart is the use of a traditional Indian setting technique called Kundan, giving it a distinctive look, characterized by elaborate patterns and rich detailing foiled in 24-karat gold to set the uncut diamonds. Unlike other diamond jewellery, polki's natural shape allows incorporating asymmetric and organic shapes, drawing inspiration from nature, mythology, and cultural motifs, reflecting the artisan's creativity and craftsmanship.

This fine craft was first introduced by the Mughals approximately 2,500 years ago and flourished during the Mughal era in Indian history. Polki jewellery further found patronage among the Rajput's of Rajasthan, where jewelry is believed to hold cultural and spiritual significance.

In Rajasthan today, it's common for people with traditional attire to style polki jewellery adorned with colorful beads and stones for festive occasions that mirror their aesthetics. Pokli has adorned royalties and aristocrats for centuries, symbolising wealth, status, and elegance long before it was popularized by the West.  Polki jewellery crafted in gold with intricate designs and heritage-inspired motifs plays an important role in mapping cultural significance, adding a touch of elegance and heritage to any occasion.

Crafting polki jewellery begins with conceptualizing the design by the designer. Then comes the art of creating a basic frame as per the sketch of the jewellery following the design by the Chiterias also known as the moulds specialists. Once the mould is created, the Ghaarias add their old-school touch to the jewellery by hand-carving engravings in 22 karats, which helps the artisans to sculpt the intricate designs with the malleable metal. Followed by the process of enamelling or Meenakari done by the enameller. The last step includes embedding the highly delicate Polkis by the Jadia or setter in 24-karat gold.

Pokli jewellery has been passed on for generations and enjoys unparalleled heirloom status till date. Investing in polki has sentimental value and the combination of high-quality materials, setting the uncut diamonds in gold foil, ensures that the jewellery is not only beautiful but also sturdy and long-lasting. Designed with the secure intricate craftsmanship of Kundan with regular maintenance contributes to the longevity of Polki jewellery.

With its timeless appeal and seamless ability to blend with your ensembles, polki is known for its versatility. Polki comes in various styles, including traditional, contemporary and fusion suited for both formal and traditional occasions. Polki jewellery blends well with both your traditional and everyday wear, adding elegance and sophistication to any look and outfit.

The value of polki is unmatched when compared to other jewellery pieces.  It has potential for resale and strong buyback value. If you are still wondering whether buying polki jewellery is a worthy investment? The answer is a yes! Tyaani promises to offer you a lifetime buyback guarantee and best resale value for your polki jewellery.