The latest polki jewellery trends

Are we witnessing polki adapting to modern sensibilities? Jewellery like everything else speaks volumes and is ever-evolving. The trends in India have shifted from people wearing jewellery that best defines simplicity, sophistication, and elegance. To wearing polki jewellery pieces that make a bold fashion statement. Which is changing the landscape of Indian fashion jewellery.

2024 can easily be defined as the year of oversized and uncut polki dominating the fashion scene, that reflects a balance of confidence and elegance. Pastel kundan polki bridal sets are emerging as a popular choice in bridal wear, alongside the anticipated comeback of solitaires.

Here are the top 4 jewellery trends setting the stage for 2024:

Statement Necklaces:

Statement Necklaces are redefining trendsetting prominently among designers and fashion enthusiasts embracing them as versatile pieces to elevate your look. Characterised by their large size, striking designs, and attention-grabbing details, they form a focal point for your outfit.


Ranging from chunky chains and oversized pendants to intricate gold beadwork and striking geometric shapes, these contemporary statement necklaces offer an ensemble of diverse gold jewelry in Indian styles

A great example of a statement piece is the Sela Polki Long Necklace layered with a choker. Worn by Juhi Chawla, this polki diamond jewellery available for purchase online features a combination of green, blue, and red. The Tanzanites and Emeralds have intricate carvings, and the Ruby beads and freshwater pearl drops make a bold statement.

Vintage-Inspired Pieces:

Vintage-inspired polki collections in India are the best examples of Indian jewelry incorporating the elements of filigree work and intricate gold patterns.


Embedded with classic gemstones with the influence of Art Deco, Victorian, or Renaissance motifs. These vintage pieces embody the royal heritage and unfurl the inspirations drawn from the eras of the past. Pair your vintage pieces with your heirloom sarees, for a regal and traditional charm.

Mugdha Godse in medallion polki choker in gold, studded with natural uncut diamonds, strung with freshwater pearls and natural emerald beads makes the perfect vintage-inspired polki piece to try out for your next party.


Bold and Colorful Gemstones:

Bold and colorful gemstones are changing how we look at contemporary polki jewellery designs. With its growing appreciation amongst consumers, gemstones like emeralds and sapphires add a touch of boldness to your Indian look.

The best example for polki jewellery in India with these bold gemstones is the Priyanjali Polki Necklace, a handcrafted choker carved in Russian Emeralds and Tanzanites with ruby and pearl drops featuring Kriti Sanon, in 22KT gold.


Minimalist Jewellery:

Despite its simplicity, it surpasses trends. With minimalism, you make a statement without being ostentatious. Minimalist polki jewellery combined with gold complements your Indian contemporary fashion and everyday wear. Reflecting simplicity, sleekness, and sophistication.


Think of polki with understated princess-cut solitaire, pear-cut, or the distinctive marquise cut with its elongated shape and pointed ends. When it comes to looks, minimalist polki jewellery serves as an excellent styling element for contemporary fashion aesthetics and special occasions.


The Tapsee Polki Choker serves as a testimony to minimalism, worn by Ananya Panday. The polki choker crafted in gold is embedded with natural polki diamonds and gemstones.


With time, pastels rule‌ bridal sets, and chunky and bold colors are showstoppers. Vintage-inspired polki in jewellery collections are best matched with your Indian classic saree styles.  

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