Terms and Conditions


Billing and Payment
• To avail free shipping for any amount of purchase, please use our authorized fulfilment company Fifth Avenue
• Fifth Avenue is authorized for forward logistics and payments collection for Tyaani in the USA only
• To initiate transactions via Fifth Avenue, the customer needs to fill the form uploaded on the website and provide proof of payment / transfer as and when requested.
• The customer also needs to provide a valid government ID as the shipment will be delivered on that address only and to that name only
• For all transactions done via Fifth Avenue, the invoice will be generated of Fifth Avenue and Tyaani is obligated to uphold and service these invoices for future buyback and exchange services
• Payments to Fifth Avenue must only be made via bank transfer, cheque deposits or Zelle. No cash deposits are accepted and any amount deposited will be forfeited.
• Fifth Avenue will accept payments and facilitate logistics for shipments with delivery within the United States only. The delivery cannot be taken outside the United States when Fifth Avenue has received any amounts or advances against a purchase or an order.
• Fifth Avenue will accept payments only in US Dollar for any advances or full payments.

• For any cancellations, 30% of the value will be deducted as restocking fees.

Returns and Repairs
• Fifth Avenue will not accept any buyback or exchanges of the jewellery. For any buyback or exchange the customer needs to bring the jewellery items back to India
• Please share an unboxing video with fifth avenue of the shipment and inspect the jewellery item(s).
• The customer should note that the jewellery can look different in real life as compared to images hosted online or over any other digital means. Tyaani will share videos, do video calls and/ or images with the customer as and when requested, before the jewellery items are shipped, to offer maximum visual clarity
• The customer should note that Tyaani jewellery uses Natural gemstones and diamonds, which may be a reason for blemishes, inclusions or cracks in the stones. There might also be a variation in the gemstone colours. These features are natural and standard in any jewellery product using varying stones and does not mean that the jewellery is damaged.
• In spite of Tyaani taking the utmost care ,in case a jewellery item is received broken (broken includes but is not limited to – snapped links, breakage of threading/beading, etc) the customer must share the unboxing video with fifth avenue on within 48 hrs of receipt of the jewellery . Tyaani’s decision on deeming a piece damaged/broken will be final after reviewing the unboxing video.
• If the item is agreed by Tyaani to be damaged, Tyaani will first attempt to repair the damaged item in the USA. If this is not possible, then Fifth Avenue will initiate reverse logistics within one week and initiate a full refund including import duties / other duties within 45 days if the item cannot be repaired in the USA.
• Once the customer receives the jewellery items, Tyaani’s buyback and exchange policy comes into effect immediately.
• Fifth Avenue will assist in Minor repairs / servicing to the best of their ability. As Tyaani jewellery is handcrafted, and for any major repairs/ servicing the customer needs to bring the jewellery items back to India
• Claims for refunds need to be addressed within 48 hrs of receipt of the jewellery
• For any future needs of repairs and if they are possible in the USA, they will be charged at actuals plus shipping expenses if any.

• The customer waives the right to hold Fifth Avenue liable for any warranty or guarantee of the product and for any buyback or exchange of the jewellery items. Fifth Avenue is only liable for the refund if Tyaani agrees that the jewellery item(s) received by the customer is damaged for which Fifth Avenue will initiate a full refund as per conditions mentioned above.
• The customer will be charged the full amount including any import duties. The customer is Liable to pay any domestic / state tax and this will not be the liability of Tyaani or Fifth Avenue.
Buyback policy
• Tyaani offers a lifetime buyback of 70% of the item value and 75% of the value for exchange, subject to the items not being damaged or tarnished
• The value is the price sold to customer plus gold appreciation if any.
• The buyback and refund policies are calculated on the basis of INR, we do not offer any refunds on import duties or state taxes.
• For any buyback/ exchanges the product needs to be bought back to India.
• The buyback will be processed via an INR transaction only

Shipping timeline and Insurance
• Items will be shipped only once full payment has been received.
• Once the product has been shipped from India, the delivery to the client’s doorstep will take a maximum of 14 days.
• The products will be insured till the client’s doorstep


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